September 29, 2013

Finished everything over the summer that I was involved in, except the Teeny Tiny Details Base Race (I finished 4 out of 7 *poo* lol) but it was still fun and I got some of my new favorite dolls out of it! ^_^

Oh and I didn't make it in with my 4th/last entry for PPP either... :( I don't remember why... but one of these years, I'm going to actually finish a pageant!! Probably PPP since that's the only pageant I seem to get out of bed for! ;P lol

Blah blah blah, pretty much back on hiatus again... got a new job and it's kicking my ass, so I'm eternally exhausted. Maybe soonish... or in a year, I'll perk up again and doll some more, but for now, all is quiet. XD

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